Mysterious Superpowers of Howard Stern


Fey + Stern= tabloid headlines

Eye loves a bold woman, and she knows Tina Fey has it in her. (That’s why Eye expects so much more from Tina Fey than 30 Rock.) Fey delivered on Howard Stern, and US Weekly has a nice excerpt in case you missed it. To wit: Paris Hilton looks like a trannie and her hair is like a Fraggle, Matthew McConaughey smells, and Fey lost her virginity to her husband when she was 24.

Another coup for Howard Stern, who we all know is paid sweet nickel for his work (Forbes claims it’s a $100 million/year salary plus a one time $225 million bonus.) Far be it for us to sing the praises of one who already got his slice of cake . . . that said, how does Stern do it? What is it about the proximity to porn stars and fart jokes that makes celebrities treat his interview seat like a confessional?

You tell Eye.