Game Night: A Lesson Learned in Flushing


(from here)
Searching for a restaurant with character, something unique, something to discover, lead me to a very special restaurant in Flushing the other night. When I first ducked my head in, I thought it was a private party, or a men’s club of some sort. Smoke filled the room and the dining was raucous. But I was compelled back, to find it was indeed open to the public. “Sorry everyone is smoking,” the waitress said with a giggle. I didn’t mind, because for some reason I had decided that this was a great secret, a house of deliciousness.

The menu was exciting for its oddness. This is not the Chinese food we all know and love. It was full of rabbit and lamb, goose intestine, pork liver, and more. My stomach turned a little as I read. I am not a squeamish eater, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for something un-challenging. I realized I wanted dumplings, noodles, baby food. After unhappily sampling fish dumplings in broth (more like fish water), lamb with thin noodles in soup (more like lamb bone water), pork tripe with green chili peppers (good tripe is bland, this was not), and sautéed clams (these were good), I hustled over to one of the food courts on Main Street (address below) for a bing (sesame-crusted dough-ball), a big pile of steamed dumplings, and a nice view of a woman making fresh noodles. Just like a family sitcom, there was a lesson learned that night.

J&L Mall
41-28 Main Street