Shhhhhhhhhhh! Part 2


SYNOPSIS: Liar, liar—yes, the first two songs by the Cinematics are far from quiet. So sue me, sue me, shoot bullets through me . . . They are, however, deeply introspective in a performative new-wavey kinda way we tend to like. So in our minds they’re okay. Better than okay, in fact. And it’s new and doesn’t suck (not easily said of many things), so we threw it out there for your delectation. Aren’t you a lucky son of a gun to have an Uncle LD of your very own?

After those twin outbursts it’s all quiet on the High Bias front for the next 40 minutes or so, with new or newish music we’ve been enjoying while lounging around the treehouse. If only we had that Fortuny dressing gown we covet. Anyhow, as our Uncle Jorge always says: “The fun never stops!”


HB18 Playlist

Intro: “In the End” by Scott Matthew, from SHORTBUS soundtrack (Saddle Creeek, 2006)

The Cinematics “Break” and “Sunday Sun” from BREAK ep (TVT, 2006)

Toman “By Then It Was Summer” and “I Can’t Remember Whether I Said Thank You” from WE SHOULD HAVE SMOLED THE SALMON FIRST (Graveface, 2006)

Barzin “Just More Drugs” and “My Life in Rooms” from MY LIFE IN ROOMS (Monotreme, 2006)

Everything Is Fine “Ghosts Are Knocking and “Underwater Firebreathing” from GHOSTS ARE KNIOCKING ON WALLS (Tract, 2006)

Wheat “Until It Takes” and “What Everyone Keeps Telling Me” from THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED… EXACTLY THAT (Empyrean, 2006)