Last Meal: Alexandra Guarnaschelli


We asked Alexandra Guarnaschelli, the Executive Chef at Butter, to imagine her ideal last meal. She went a step further and absolutely fantasized about it. As she says, “C’mon! it’s a last meal!”

Here’s her decadent menu:

Course 1: A warm, sloppy grilled cheese sandwich appetizer made with Brie, Chaource and Cabrales Cheeses. (Yes – all 3 combined! c’mon! It’s a last meal!)

Course 2: My Mother’s Marinara Sauce with Perciatelli Pasta and Shaved Bottarga.

Course 3: A Fresh 30-pound Fresh Alaskan King Crab with a pound of Melted Butter.

Course 4: Sauteed Crispy Veal Cutlets with Marsala.

Course 5: 12 – Layer Dark Chocolate Cake with Fresh Whipped Cream.

Petits Fours: Mini Huckleberry Pies, Chocolate Rum Truffles, Lemon Ginger Snap Sandwiches, Deep-Fried Banana Ice Cream.

415 Lafayette
(212) 253-2828