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Our Man Sietsema: “Reeling with Fat and Carbs”


This week, Sietsema gets stuffed with rehkirschwuerstchen, Bayarischen ochsenmaul, Jaegerschnitzel, Schweinefleisch, and Schweinshaxe Hofbrauhaus. No, I am not typing with my fists. Sietsema has explored a new Bay Ridge restaurant, Schnitzel Haus.

“As the century-old German American restaurants of Queens neighborhoods like Middle Village and Richmond Hill have been disappearing, they’ve been replaced with newfangled places—mainly in Lower Manhattan—that emphasize tap beer and a limited menu of wursts and schnitzels. Now along comes Bay Ridge’s Schnitzel Haus, larding a lengthier menu with all sorts of modern and traditional dishes from the fatherland, many rarely seen in New York.”

Schnitzel Haus

7319 Fifth Avenue Bay Ridge, Brooklyn


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