Good News for Us, Tough Luck for Ducks


(from gastrinigourmet)

The Sun reports that the dreaded foie gras ban has been pushed to the back burner, for now. The legislation was to be introduced today, but city council member Alan Gerson, who claims to be sympathetic to humane issues, apparently decided to be sympathetic to gourmet ones instead. He mentioned that “a phone call he received from a constituent aided his decision.”

Gawker is on the case, speculating as to the identity of the persuasive caller. They’re thinking Drew Nieporent or David Bouley, but readers are chiming in with their own theories.

One person we know must be pleased is Ariane Daguin, owner of D’Artagnan. We spoke with her recently, and got her to describe her fantasy last meal on earth for our regular column, “Last Meal.” For now, let’s just say it involved a great deal of foie gras. You can read all the decadent, inhumane details on Friday morning…