Score One for Flushing: Bruni Gives Spicy & Tasty Two Stars


(from The Times)
It seems Frank Bruni needed a break from white tablecloths and decanted wines, so he took a little trip to the end of the 7 train for the Sichuan widely regarded as the city’s best.

Spicy & Tasty now has two stars, and probably a lot more yuppies heading their way than they’ll believe.

“Spicy & Tasty takes you to places that less bold Sichuan restaurants don’t, and by that I’m not referring to its location in a cluster of Asian restaurants in Flushing, Queens, that too few diners from other neighborhoods visit.”

So, what do the Chowhounds (to whom Bruni gives a nod of credit to in his review) think of this historic moment? “Frank, you should have had the Enhanced Pork.”

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Spicy & Tasty
39-07 Prince Street
(718) 359-1601