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Eye’s TV Weak in Review



How I Met Your Mother: Barney’s gay brother comes into town; Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) learns James wants to lead a life of gross monogamy.

Heroes: Why Sylar slices heroes’ heads open is revealed. Oh, and Nikki was was abused as a child. No shit.

The Bachelor: The finale episode. Here, have a promise ring. No, wait, sorry, a family ring.


Veronica Mars: The finale, in which Veronica is not raped again.


Top Model: End of the twins, with a photo shoot in a freezing cold pool. Tyra chastises CariDee for not telling the photographer she was getting hypothermia, but also not being tough enough to take it. Makes sense.


The Office: Ricky Gervais, writer/star of the British original, comes to us. Boss Carell morphs into Prison Mike. It gets ugly.

Iconoclasts with Dave Chapelle and Maya Angelou: Touching. “There are people who wondering, will I speak to him because I am almost fifty years older than he,” Angelou says beforehand. “That’s just who I should be speaking to. And that’s just who he should be speaking to.”


Rachael Ray: Perfect gift for someone you love, the Rachael Ray photo blanket.

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