Last Meal: Ariane Daguin


This week, we asked Ariane Daguin, the owner of D’Artagnan, to describe her ideal last meal. We had a feeling it might involve foie gras, and she didn’t disappoint. (She also came up with a dish that would postpone her death for three days.)

“My favorite dish in the world is Hare Royale,” Daguin said, after hardly pausing to think. “Or in French, Lièvre à la Royale.”

Tell us more, we said.

“It involves de-boning a whole hare, wrapping it around foie gras and truffles, and cooking it in a bouillon, very slowly for three days. It’s a very labor-intensive process. Hare is one of the most strongly flavored game animals. I love it.”

Does it cook for three days straight?

“It cooks for two hours each day, then you let it cool in the broth, and the next day, you cook it for two more hours. Oh, there’s also some foie gras in the broth. You can imagine how delicious it is at the end of the three days.”

We can practically taste it now.