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Serious Eats: “Nothing like crispy penis!”


Today, the food blogging world officially spawns another chubby pup, Serious Eats, from Ed Levine and friends, including Adam Kuban (A Hamburger Today and Slice), Meg Hourihan (Megnut), Alaina Browne (A Full Belly), and Adam Roberts (The Amateur Gourmet). The mission statement? “Our goal, however lofty, is to provide the best, most satisfying food- and drink-related experience on the internet.”

Really, blogging is just one arm of the operation. There are holiday-inspired graphic novellas, a message board called “Talk,” lots of links to other food blogs, and a video section. The videos are a nice break from reading, I say.

For a feature called “Table for Two,” they’ve paired up a couple of the funniest and craziest people imaginable: Jeffrey Steingarten and Susie Essman (who provides the penis quote used above to get your attention). The pair sit at Chinatown Brasserie talking about their fantasy dinner dates.

And guess what? Steingarten dominates the conversation.

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