Band Name and Album Title Pretty Much Self-Explanatory


An indie record store is like a baseball hot- stove league—not much action, so employees and regulars simply listen to things fresh from the shrink-wrap and debate. In one such store, everyone loved the TV on the Radio Young Liars EP a few years back. We didn’t know what they looked like, though, so when posters came in that showed a couple of black dudes in the band, some were mildly surprised: “That’s why they’re so damn good,” the hip-hop buyer noted smugly.

Some might argue that race shouldn’t make a difference, but they wouldn’t be members of This Moment in Black History. The Cleveland bandmates tout their multiculturalism, contending that their all-black rhythm section (including Bassholes drummer Bim Thomas on drums) best explains their twitchy tumult’s soulful backbone. The defiant post-Ubu skronk here shows how much fun it is to thrash around when said thrash is held together by a genuinely funky foundation. That’s why they’re so damn good.

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