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Fat Tuesday: Alpha Donuts


Hanukkah starts next Friday, and as a lover of Jews, I have in recent years learned to also love the festival of lights. Really, it has less to do with the Jews specifically than their message—that is, the holy significance of fried foods, the magic of hot oil.

Hanukkah may have nothing on Christmas gift-wise, but this fried food business is something I can believe in. For your Hanukkah party, you might want to make donuts yourself, in addition to latkes. Or you may want to just buy them at Alpha Donuts in Sunnyside. These are not ethereal and airy. They’re thick, dense, and sport a hefty outer crunch.

1 donut, 70 cents
2 donuts, $1
(and so on)

Alpha Donuts
45-16 Queens Blvd
(7 train to 46 St-Bliss)

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