Noise From the Front


The shot heard round the world this week just might be the collective outpouring of pent-up expectations from thronging crowds eager to witness such disparate bands of rogue heroes as GWAR and They Might be Giants work their specific brands of magic. After such rowdy displays of charismatic force, the somewhat more salubrious sounds of a Matisyahu or a Sean Lennon just might be the best sonic approach for this last week of semi-calm before the year-end holiday storm rages through your personal encampment. Or, if you’re the sentimental type, soak up a bellyful of glamorous glam-rock sorrow at a live performance of Lou Reed’s classic 1973 album Berlin and mourn the loss of primordial innocence with the ultra-heavy metal fury of Gojira.

And as Donna Loren famously sang: “It Only Hurts When I Cry.”

“White Jeans,” from Better Days Will Haunt You (Matador, 2006)
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Lou Reed
“How Do You Think It Feels,” from Berlin (BMG, 1973)
[Voice Choices for Thursday, December 14]

“Shalom/Saalam,” from Youth (Sony/BMG, 2006)
[Music listing for Saturday, December 16]

Sean Lennon
“Wait for Me,” from Friendly Fire (Capitol, 2006)
[Music listing for Monday, December 18]

“Bring Back the Bomb,” from War Party (DRT, 2006)
[Music listing for Thursday, December 14]

They Might be Giants
“Twisting,” from Flood (Elektra WEA, 1990)
[Music listing for Saturday, December 16]

Indian Jewelry
“Lesser Snake,” from Invasive Exotics (Monitor, 2006)
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“The March,” from Farewell Forest ep (The Social Registery NY, 2006)
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“Ocean Planet,” from From Mars to Sirius (Prosthetic, 2006)
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Keith Carradine
“It Don’t Worry Me,” from Nashville soundtrack (TK, 00)
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