Would that the whole of Resilience possessed the beauty of its opening shot—an avant-garde hiccup before a nightmare hour and a half of mouth-agape banality. It hurts to rag on something with such a micro-budget, but writer-director Paul Bojack’s overlay of stories runs on empty: Juxtaposed against a weird HR exec’s relationship to two women is the meaningless account of HR man’s distant cousin Andrew (Steve Wilcox), who threatens to get him canned for faking a work reference for their uncle (Al Rossi). The scent of an impending thriller emerges from this gassy bog of bad foleying, inexplicably enraged performances, and what-gives action only to quickly dissipate after someone is casually offed. Bojack has a talent for finding the worst possible angle from which to shoot scenes, and though he claims to want to gauge the resilience of his main character, he only succeeds at testing ours.

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