Rose Buds


A gem exists tucked away near the BQE. Nestled on Grand Street, Rose Live Music provides the area with talented tunesmiths.
A friend and I took refuge here from the chill a few nights ago. Inside, warm red and pink decorative hues, soft ivory lights, and vintage granny-floral walls greeted us as live jazz tunes swirled through the air. We quickly settled into this intimate space, but felt no claustrophobia, thanks in part to the cushy couches in the front and the spacious wood patio in the back. The little circular tables in front of the stage hinted at cabarets past—a nostalgia that only increased as we sipped on Rose martinis ($7), a refreshing mix of vodka, cranberry, and amaretto. Fermented in two tall jars, the house sangria (white or red, $7) looked to be another strong elixir. Although tempted by this potent punch and the well-stocked beer and wine list, we eventually settled on Jameson and ginger ale (a $6 special). Stirring our gold-colored cocktails, we watched the musicians and imbibers mingle during a set break while Lynchian-red curtains caught flashing saxophone reflections. Before the second set began, the friendly bartender told us performances at Rose occur nightly and range from jazz to r&b to soul and funk. He added that the former tends to draw a mellow crowd, while the latter veers more toward party people. Still, even with this chill group, conversation flowed freely, pausing only for the bebop of the talent. When the clock struck bedtime, the damp autumn air and abrupt traffic sounds frayed at our pleasant hypnosis. Yet the tunes and mood of this razzle-dazzle place remained, guiding our sashay toward the subway.

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