Bizarre Boob: Scissor Sisters on Daytime Soap


Eye, lax in catching up on her network press releases, heard about this first via TV Tattle. Scissor Sisters will be making their acting debut on the NBC soap Passions, performing “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing.” They are, no lie, conjured up by a young witch named Endora, a Scissor Sisters superfan. “In this two-episode arc, young witch Endora (Nicole Cox), a big fan of Scissor Sisters, conjures them up in Tabitha’s (Juliet Mills) living room. The band, extremely disoriented, plays their first song and then suddenly disappears into thin air, leaving Endora wanting more.”

Update: NBC got back to us and said that it was the Scissor Sisters’ management who contacted the show personally. “They’re huge fans of the show, especially Anna and Jake,” said Kellie Kulikowsky, the press manager for the soap. “Specifically, they requested being in a scene with Tabitha. They love that kind of magical witchery, from what I understand.”