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Sean Bell Rally: ‘Time to Get Hot’


Don’t tell this guy to chill out.

What looks—at a first guess—like 2,000 people turned out today in Foley Square, near police headquarters, to demand justice in the police shooting of African American Sean Bell, 23, who was unarmed.

City Councilmember Charles Barron, pictured above, told the crowd he was tired of being told to calm down after NYPD officers kill an innocent person. Barron remembered being told to chill after the deaths of Amadou Diallo and Timothy Stansbury, among far too many others.

“Don’t tell us to be cool,” Barron thundered. “It’s time for us to get hot.”

Things got hot at the rally when New York Post photographer Robert Miller got roughed up by some of the protesters. Miller had been standing on the stage with other press photographers. People nearby were screaming at him, “You can’t be here! You can’t be here!” Miller was then dragged into the crowd, where he was spat on and his flash equipment was taken.

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