New York

Kill Your Television: ‘Twentyfourseven’


Eye lost every IQ point she acquired watching Springer last night on MTV’s new reality show, Twentyfourseven. Aiming for a real-life version of Entourage, the storyline revolves around a group of friends in L.A. all on a path to fame and fortune—and that’s a path they’re pursuing twenty-four seven, in case you didn’t know. Laguna Beach is riveting by comparison.

Eye’s read a few reviews of the show this morning, our favorite from Sun-Sentinel. Still, no one seems to really push at the big question here. How did rejects from a Jersey Wet Seal score their own show? How does a 23-year-old club promoter see fit to advertise his new beverage on the side, with a fascinating play-by-play of the launch?

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