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Cop Site: Where Is Sharpton Now?


Take a peek today at NYPD Rant, a self-billed gathering ground for law enforcement/military types with an ax—or several axes—to grind. One of its December 8 posts, “Savages Brawl in Union Square,” crystallizes the complaint, at least from one sector of the Finest, with African American leaders like Al Sharpton and Charles Barron.

Since the police killing of Sean Bell, 23, black, and unarmed, Sharpton and other black leaders have kept the heat on City Hall and NYPD commish Ray Kelly. But after the stabbing murder of a 17-year-old kid in Union Square on Wednesday, sneers poster BxMarine, is Sharpton marching? Hardly, he says:

“YESSSSSSSS!!! I was SOOOOO overjoyed when I read this!! Savages going at it right smack in the middle of the most anti-cop, anti-military, anti-American and the most liberal part of the city!! Liberal scum buying their veggie burgers and tofu and on their way to Starbucks ran for cover from the savagery. I went to the fridge, grabbed a cold one, and celebrated! Funny how Sharpton, Barron, Amazed, and Butts aren’t there mourning the ‘loss’ of another young black male. You reap what you sow, you liberal douchbags!!”

For another dose of NYPD Rant’s take on race relations, check out this scariness.

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