Bizarre Boob: Tori Spelling’s Furby for $359!


Many, many reports on Tori Spelling’s garage sale from this weekend: Around 300 people showed up at what was officially billed the “Tori Spelling Studio City Estate Sale,” filmed for Spelling’s VH1 show NoTORIous. Set to bolt LaLa Land’s filthy clutches and start up a bed and breakfast with husband Dean McDermott, the happy and preggers Tori desires none of the trappings of Hollywood fame. So suck it, Furby.

Let’s see how much Tori’s cast-offs fetch on eBay:

The much-discussed Furby, now $359.00.

Hooch espadrilles from Juicy Couture, one of many choice fug selections: $50.

The duck that once knew Tori’s bathtub: $6.50; original buyer paid $5. Kmart shoppers, I smell deal.