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Edible XMAS, Etc.: K-Town Cheese Plate?


Dear readers: The holidays, as they say, are upon us again. In this column, we will work tirelessly to help you get through it all—stocking stuffers, cocktail parties, gifts for your girlfriend’s dad, and all the other hellish challenges that Santa brings to town each year.

First up: a little cheese plate inspiration. Han Ah Reum, the Korean supermarket right smack dab in the middle of 32nd Street, might seem an unlikely place for this category, but just trust us.

We found some intriguing items in the honey section, like pomegranate honey, which would be a nice compliment to something soft and goat-y, perhaps.

And our favorite twist on the old quince paste routine was something called Honey Chinese Quince Tea. (Add water and you have a very sweet “tea”.) It’s basically honey with slices of quince in it. We’re thinking of a tangy, sheep-y, Spanish number for this one. Aren’t we exotic? Aren’t we sophisticated and clever?

A big jar will put you back $6.99.

Han Ah Reum
25 West 32nd Street
(212) 695-3283

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