Bargain Basement


My mother comes from the “I’m your parent, not your friend” camp of child-rearing, so I was surprised when she wanted to come with me to Guero on Avenue A while visiting last week. After
twice assuring her that the bar’s name, a Spanish slang word for someone with blond hair or light skin, isn’t necessarily derogatory, we stopped by the newish spot in the basement of Julep. The bar, which relocated about a couple of month ago from its former home at Pitt and Rivington, is owned by Dave McWater, also of Julep, Nice Guy Eddie’s, Library, Doc Holliday’s, and Vasmay Lounge. Victorian couches, well-worn barstools, and decoupaged tabletops lend a yard-sale-meets-junkyard decor that makes the subterranean locale more cozy than claustrophobic. Happy-hour hounds
will be glad to know that it features the same two-for-one daily special as upstairs, and as she promised, my mom blended in by reading a newspaper at the bar and ordering a glass of red wine ($6) among the Red Hook ESB–drinking crowd ($5). The jukebox, stocked with Cher and Pink Floyd, was turned off that night, which might have been just as well, for a Jimi Hendrix–spinning DJ. The music, however, was blaring, considering the vibe was low-key and the place wasn’t packed. Or maybe I’m just turning into my mother.