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Cartoon Corner: Nuts Vs. Butts



Baxter & McGuire

The show: Two-minute shorts on Comedy Central’s website.

The character(s): Baxter & McGuire, two testicles that happen to be best friends.

The notables: Baxter’s and McGuire’s arms are pubes. Also, for some inexplicable reason, Baxter smokes cigarettes and wears a porkpie hat.

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Assy McGee

The show: 15 minute TV program on Adult Swim

The character: Assy McGee, a hard-nose, Dirty Harry style cop that happens to be a unbelievably well-toned ass. Check it out.

The notables: Assy has legs but no arms, so his gun levitates, usually near his right ass cheek. “Why does he sound like Benicio del Toro?” Eye’s sister asks.

In the showdown, who would win?

Baxter & McGuire’s the better show, but the winner would be Assy McGee, a crazy motherfucker who’s the Travis Pickle of Adult Swim. Baxter and McGuire come off as pussies afraid to stand up to Boss Dick . . .which brings up the deeper question: Can balls have no balls?

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