New York

Fat Tuesday: Chocolate-Coated Edition


Someday I’ll run for mayor on an anti-pretentious-chocolate platform, but in the meantime, I’ll simply work tirelessly to advocate non-pretentious chocolate.

This week I sampled (i.e., inhaled piggishly) a few house-made treats from The Sweet Life on Hester. Delicious, not pretentious.
I was most excited to try the dark chocolate-coated peanut butter and jelly sandwich (graham cracker standing in for Wonder bread), and it was something special, only upstaged by the milk chocolate-covered s’more. This elicited unstoppable finger licking and, I later realized, a chocolate-covered chin.

Also recommended: dark chocolate-covered sour cherries, milk chocolate-covered marshmallow kebab.

The Sweet Life
63 Hester Street, at Ludlow
(212) 598-0095

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