Ghost’s Second Kilo From 2006 Cut With Filler, But Pure Enough


More Fish quickly moves Wu-Tang’s most durable export forward from March’s triumphant Fishscale—on a tight budget. Sample-clearance issues kept the double-time, MF Doom–laced “Charlie Brown” off both Ghostface’s 2006 records, but you’ll survive. The jaunty horns of “You Know I’m No Good,” this new one’s duet with U.K. jazz-soul revivalist Amy Winehouse, is one of the year’s finest cut-and-paste lovers’ quarrels, and there’s plenty of logic in the way More Fish has been cobbled together. It medevacs junkie “Josephine” off Hi-Tek’s
Hi-Teknology, Vol. 2, but now Trife da God joins in to recount her fate: She was found “in a dumpster behind the cleaners.” Fishscale standout “Big Girl” was a plea to those who fancy nose candy (“Stay focused/Take care of your health”); now comes the scared-straight companion piece. Furthermore, Ghost compensates for the absence of “Charlie Brown” by greasing Eric B. & Rakim’s “Juice (Know The Ledge)” with “more blubber [rhymes] than a Ruben Studdard.” Yes, there’s some filler, but while More Fish flips studio gangster cliché on its head—”Alex (Stolen Script)” renegotiates the rights to the Ray biopic—and Madlib scrapes Krautrock across the concrete of “Block Rock,” Ghost’s visuals are bankable as ever: “The magazines can’t develop my flicks/The negatives came and printed out to C-note chips.”