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Pork and Beer: Together at Last


Porchetta announces a new monthly celebration of pork and beer—two great loves of ours (and yours, probably). Special dinners will be held every month beginning this coming Sunday (12/17). Chef Jason Neroni has teamed up with Heritage Foods USA (pork) and American Beer on Court Street (beer) to design four-course menues, with beer pairings by American Beer.

First up: Red Waddle Suckling Pigs. (“Red Waddle is currently in season, a little darker than most pork, very lean, and its tender quality is exceptionally juicy and flavorful. They are as close to the original varieties brought over from New Caledonia in the 18th century, as available in the USA.”)

First menu, $45:

1. Strachitella with calvo de nero, farm egg, parmesan
2. Orechette with cheese pumpkin, house made guanciale, sheep’s milk ricotta
3. Roasted red waddle pig, pickled mustard, brussels sprouts, shaved pears
4. Lemon curd, lemoncello, crumble made with pork lard

241 Smith St
(718) 237-9100

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