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Fascinating People of 2006: The Fascinating Crib Sheet


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Lots of useful and not-so-useful tidbits during Barbara Walter’s annual Most Fascinating People of 2006. (Nancy Pelosi took Most Fascinating of the fascinating, and then proceeded to give the least fascinating interview. Fascinating!)

To recap:

Anna Wintour
—Been rocking that same bob since she was 15.
—Dropped out of school when she was 16.
—When asked about Vogue‘s dress code, replied, “We expect, we don’t dictate, a certain style of dress.” Snap.
—Careened smoothly around those Devil Wears Prada questions/lied well through her teeth: “I’m a decisive person . . .so if Meryl seemed somewhat strong, I appreciate that.”

Patrick Dempsey
—Barb glossed over his awkward youth and actually referred to Can’t Buy Me Love Dempsey as “the fantasy boyfriend of millions of teenage girls.” Barb was clearly not a teenage girl then or she would know the fantasy boyfriend was Ponch from Chips.

Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt
—No Brad interviews. And why did those Angelina interviews look so old? Eye suspects the ol’ cut-and-paste on this one, friends.
—Worst. Writing. Ever. “When Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie finally hooked up, their combined star power lit up the media universe, in a blaze of sex and humanitarianism!”

Sacha Baron Cohen
—Didn’t show. That’s weak.
—Didn’t show because he’s getting the crap sued out of him. That’s understandable.
—Hello, what’s this? Used to be an investment banker?

Terry Irwin, i.e., Crocodile Hunter’s widow
—Their honeymoon with crocodiles was Crocodile Hunter‘s first episode. That’s how I like to romance my bitches too.

—Initial demo tape rejected by every major record label
—Calls his comeback album after retirement his most fearless album because he “needed to show people we can grow up in hip hop. Guys who are 33 years old, rapping like their 15. It’s embarrassing.” Almost as embarrasing as waiting a mere three years to “come out of retirement.”
—Eye nearly barfed up her chicken pot pie when she heard Barb ask, “Do you think Beyoncé is bootylicious?”

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