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Chowhounds on Sietsema Diss in Time Out | Village Voice

New York

Chowhounds on Sietsema Diss in Time Out


We all saw last week’s Time Out New York, and the jaw-dropping diss on Our Man Sietsema:

A joke. It’s amazing that he has lasted this long…Holds little sway except for college kids trying to find the best burrito.

It is clearly unnecessary to elaborate on our thoughts, as our bias is obvious, but let’s see what the ‘Hounds have to say. “mooms,” who started the thread, weighs in like this:

Having boldly gone where no other critic had bothered to go for years(Washington Heights and Inwood, outer boroughs), Sietsema and his knowledge of the most exotic cuisines and the tiniest restaurant gems has made us appreciate the “real” New York, not merely the hyped.

What we really want to know, of course, is who on Time Out’s panel put the hurt on Sietsema. The anonymous quotes come from a group of “artists and industry leaders.” Here are the foodies in the mix:

Anthony Bourdain, Connor Coffey (maitre d, Jojo), Wylie Dufresne, Ben Leventhal (editor, Eater), Anita Lo (chef/owner, annisa), John Mariani (wine/food columnist, Esquire and others), Jacques Pepin, Regina Schrambling (food writer, gastropoda blogger), Arthur Schwartz, Tanya Steel (Epicurious EIC), Sue Torres (chef, Sueños), Didier Virot (executive chef, Aix).

Any theories?

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