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Our Man Sietsema: ‘No annoying squirts of colorful sauce’


Our Man reports on Jean-Georges’ Perry Street this week. Sietsema announces that he has never been a fan of the Vongerichten empire, but Perry Street, with its $24 lunch special, seems to be the exception:

“I disliked Vong, with its pallid upscale Thai, and hated Spice Market, which treats its guests like cattle and produces Asian fusion of wildly uneven quality. As for his flagship Jean-Georges: Who can afford it?”

The Perry Street standouts include poached chicken (“Normally, I would run in the opposite direction of anything called poached chicken”), homemade mozzarella, porgy sashimi, and crispy poached eggs:

“These amorphous blobs came crumbed and fried, leaving them gooey inside and well browned on the exterior. A teaspoon of caviar had been heaped on each. In a vain attempt to stanch the flow of yellow yolk, two cubes of fried brioche stood like twin sentries before the land of saturated fat.”

Perry Street
176 Perry Street
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