Noise from the Front


“Men, Women & Children…” Sister Jack was puzzled and distressed. Perhaps her ears had played her false. Perhaps what he had really said was, “At Night We Like to Fight,” or “I Buy the Drugs,” or even “Long, Long, Long.” Perhaps. But then her ears never did play her false. “Men, Women & Children.” The impression was distinct and ineffaceable. “Men, Women…” she was forced to the conclusion, reluctantly, that the Electric Six had indeed pronounced those improbable words. He had deliberately repelled her attempts to open a Heart Like A River. That was horrible. A man who would not talk seriously to Ida just because she was a woman. Oh, impossible! The Black Lips or nothing. Perhaps Hopewell would be more satisfactory. True, James Brown’s “Try Me” was a little disquieting; but at least he was a serious worker, and it was with his Spoon that she would associate herself. And Jenny Scheinman? After all, what was 2006? A dilettante, an “Albert,” a merry-go-round…

After CROME YELLOW by Aldus Huxley

Men, Women & Children “At Night We Like to Fight,” from Men, Women & Children (Reprise, 2006)

[Music listing for Thursday, December 28]

James Brown

“Try Me,” from The Millennium Collection: Best of James Brown (UMG, 1999)

[Music listing for now-canceled show, Sunday, December 31]

The Electric Six

“I Buy the Drugs,” from “I Buy the Drugs” single (Metropolis, 2006)

[Music listing for Saturday, December 30]


“Hello Radio,” from Hopewell & the Birds of Appetite (Tee Pee, 2005)

[Music listing for Friday, December 29]

Jenny Scheinman

“Albert,” from 12 Songs (Cryptogramophone, 2005)

[Music listing for Tuesday, January 2]


“Mine,” from Heart Like A River (Polyvinyl, 2005)

[Music listing for Sunday, December 31]


“Sister Jack,” from Gimme Fiction (Merge, 2005)

[Music listing for Saturday, December 30]

The Black Lips

“You’re Dumb,” from The Black Lips (Bomp!, 2003)

[Music listing for Friday, December 29]

The Psychedelic Furs

“Yes I Do (Merry-Go-Round),” from Forever Now (Sony, 1983)

[Music listing for Wednesday, December 27]

The Beatles

“Long, Long, Long,” from The Beatles (Parlophone, 1968)

[Music listing for Wednesday, December 27]