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Penance for Film Execs: Spielberg’s ‘On the Lot’



So what of On the Lot, Steven Spielberg’s new Fox reality show, the search for the next great filmmaker? Word from Fox PR is that the show will be broadcast earliest May 2007, and that the judges (supposedly a “a high-ranking motion picture executive” and “a prominent film critic”) have yet to be announced. Then there’s the news that God Spielberg won’t even be attending his own party until the bitter end, when he pulls one lucky On the Lot contestant up to a million-dollar Dreamworks development deal in the sky. (Nice Trump dis, by the way.)

That said, submissions have been rolling in for a few months now, and, well, Eye’s a little scared. Maybe she just never had that many Dawson-type film pals growing up, but she’s noticing more than one fan of The Crow here. What fortunate underling gets to screen all these?

The “next great filmmaker” might be less stumbled across and more actively recruited. Deadline for submissions is February 16.

[Via TV Tattle and Reality Blurred.]

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