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Baltimore Teacher Sticks It to ‘The Wire’





Here’s an interesting op-ed from the Baltimore Sun: A schoolteacher named Michael Corbin, who teaches at the public Baltimore high school the Academy for College and Career Exploration, comes down on HBO’s The Wire. Normally praised for its realism in depicting life in Baltimore’s inner city, the police drama series focused on education this past season. Corbin claimed his students didn’t “perceive a critical message” but did come away with one important lesson:

“This season of ‘The Wire’ ended with the heavy-handed metaphor of bodies of young men from the streets of Baltimore being stacked in the gym of a city middle school. Without question there is a kind of truth here, but more, there is a variety of cruelty.

Tomorrow, I will go teach to kids who aren’t on TV and who aren’t part of some taxonomy of failure, but who are real human beings who often learn how little society values them. They hear us talk about it. Maybe they read about it. And now, along with the rest of the world, they can see it on TV.”


[Via TV Tattle]

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