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The ‘Yummiest’ Stocking Stuffers


A few years ago, I peaked in a Chinatown restaurant window to check out the crispy pig, and instead my eye was drawn to the amazing T-shirts worn by the cooks and waiters. They were white with a perfect I (heart) NY logo—except the “NY” was replaced with YUM. This was a big moment for me, as the phrase pretty much summed-up my outlook on life itself. I feel very, very strongly about yum too. I asked about buying one, but a language barrier proved insurmountable and I left empty-handed.

One of my favorite Christmas gift fallbacks is the restaurant T-shirt. For a significant other, a shirt from a favorite date place is almost too cute, and for out-of-town relatives, there’s always Katz’s, Russ & Daughters, and so on.

In a holiday shopping effort, and with an empty stomach, I found the (heart) YUM restaurant, and was pleased to find they were selling T-shirts. The design I had pined for was gone, and the food was unremarkable, but the new T-shirts were unbelievably hip.

There were two choices: A Yankee’s-inspired T that said “A YUMMY NOODLE” and had for a mascot a little girl eating noodles, and on the back, a logo of interlocking Ys and Ns, or a simpler design: a crown silhouette and the word YUMMY underneath. Hello, stocking stuffers. ($15 each)

Yummy Noodle
44 Bowery
(212) 374-1327


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