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New Year’s resolutions can be a way to start the year with a clean slate—or they can be self-imposed guilt trips. But dreams can come true: Trinity‘s Aimee Phillips points out that last year’s goal was to get a boyfriend, and “I did it!! I now have a cute, sweet boyfriend, which I believe is the only New Year’s resolution I’ve ever kept.” There’s hope after all—so I resolve to stop sulking. As for everyone else . . .

Tha Pumpsta: My resolution has not changed—I never learned all the words to “Bombs Over Baghdad” in ’06, but baby, it’s a new year.

James Righton of the Klaxons: To meet Joe Cocker.

Lit co-owner Max Brennan: To get my teeth “Invisaligned.”

Chris Hrasky, drummer, Explosions in the Sky: To eat more apples.

Geoff Garlock of the Panthers: To finally sell all the junk in my apartment that I have been hoarding and stop driving my girlfriend nuts with it. Anyone want some old Earth Crisis shirts?

Dave Leto of Rye Coalition: Make scratch-and-sniff stickers all the rage again, bring back WPIX live video game “PIX PIX PIX PIX PIX!”, make Saturday Night Live funny, sell more stuff on eBay, and stop buying stuff on eBay.

Xavier De Rosnay of Justice: To stop wasting our time watching Lost, and to release a good D.I.S.C.O. record.

APT booking agent Justin Carter: To stop dressing like I’m still in college, perhaps even buy a suit or something.

Liam O’Neil of the Stills: To finally learn how to drive. I am 26 now; I think I’m ready.

Ultragrrrl: To go out more. Monkey‘s New Year’s resolution [that’s her dog] will be to stop making “artwork” out of papers in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom. And to meet more people.

DJ Dirty Jean: Figured this out with Lady Miss Kier yesterday, actually. We decided to get over the whole “nothing is good anymore” thing and start going out again—not counting the things I “have to” go to. Find the good stuff that does still exist and stop complaining about all the crap that has flooded the city in the past couple years.

Justin Bond: To spend as much time as possible in New York City—preferably at parties thrown by Daniel Nardicio and DJ’d by Sammy Jo.

Chantal Claret of Morningwood: I will be in Los Angeles, because I was gentrified out of my own city and I can go swimming in my pool on New Year’s morning. My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to deal with my neuroses—perhaps some therapy will do. Also, I resolve to have a radio show somewhere, ’cause I like to talk.

Roxy Cottontail: To become bicoastal in Miami and/or L.A. On New Year’s Eve, I will be living it up in Miami.

4% Famous author Deborah Schoeneman: I’ve got to write another book. Annie Dillard says you only need to write for four hours a day, and that’s how I wrote the first one. So I’m back on the clock.

DJ Seen of Direct Drive: Tour the world and launch a new clothing line.

Dego of 4Hero: To finish the Kaidi & Dego LP. I will spend New Year’s Eve under the stinking gray skies of London with my miserable self!

Publicist–door bitch Thomas Onorato: To grow my company, OW! (a/k/a Onorato Wixom) with my business partner, Max; also, to help our clients throw amazing parties and find long underwear that doesn’t pinch my man berries.

Barry Hyde of the Futureheads: To learn to play the trumpet. My ultimate goal is to learn the solo from Billie Holiday‘s “Fine and Mellow,” played by Roy Eldridge.

Princess Superstar: To practice the sitar more. I am taking sitar lessons. Also, be nicer to people when I want to kill them, and write a song every day.

Au pair–band manager Asif Ahmed: My New Year’s resolution for 2007 is to
never internally or expressly say, “This is going to be my year! Everything is going to be great! ” Because it never has beenand it never fucking will be. And maybe a little more positive thinking.

Aaron LaCrate: Work in a soup kitchen again.

Steven Lewis: I resolved that there would be no more 18-year-olds following the breakup of my second 12-year relationship with an 18-year-old. My current 19-year-old girlfriend is really pleased that I’m a man of my word. My resolution this year is to not watch The Sopranos—unless they bring Vito back.

DJ Jess: (1) Drink more. (2) Start smoking. (3) Put on weight. (4) Spend less time with family and friends. (5) Single-handedly stop global warming.

Jimmy Edgar: Start smoking.

Miss Guy: To start drinking and smoking again! I quit in July.

Singer Lizzy Yoder: To eat like I’m going to the chair, drink like the bar’s running dry, and smoke like the tobacco crop is dwindling. No, wait, the opposite of that. Oh, and to sing my ass off all over town.

Joel Madden of Good Charlotte: To stop smoking and cursing . . . stop smoking and cursing at the same time.

Greg Kurstin of Birds and the Bees: Do some sort of physical exercise.

Inara George of Birds and the Bees:To floss more. (I don’t like to challenge myself too much.)

Ian St. Pe of Black Lips: Play short sets and take long breaks.

Producer Gordon Raphael: To not be such a people-pleaser and not try to rescue as many damsels in distress as in previous years. I discovered that when I think I am making friends, I am actually taking hostages!! Cool, huh?

Promoter Kenny Kenny: Not to pay for sex emotionally or from my nelly purse strings. Is everyone a hustler in this city or is it just me?

Peppermint Gummybear: I resolve to spend extra time taking care of my friendships and the people whom I love—and this time, to ask if he’s a cop before taking the money!

Linda Simpson: To consume less trans fats and spend more time with fat trannies.

Michael T: To have even more “straight” men fawning for my attention.

Squeezebox documentary producer Lyle Derek: In 2007, I plan on unleashing onto the world the long-awaited doc about Squeezebox and hope that it helps liberate gay Republicans, gay terrorists, and Tom Cruise with its open-door message for all, gay or straight!

Dirty Martini: This year, I want to share that love of myself and the love I feel for my very unique New York family, with their wonderful values of peace and nudity for all, and spread it across the globe! And when I say spread, I really mean spread—in 2007, I take off on tour with the Sex Workers Art Show!

Larry Tee: To do something I’ve never done, go somewhere I’ve never gone, and find a very nice boyfriend.

Amy Sacco: Dance more, spend more time with friends and family, and take some time off.

Susanne Bartsch: I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. If I want to change or do something, I start when I have the desire. I don’t like to wait for New Year’s Eve.

Tim Fletcher of the Stills: No resolutions. You make adjustments when you need to, you know?

Andy Salzer: To have a relationship with someone other than Yoko Devereaux.

Michael Nouveau: Spend more time sleeping and less time on Blue States Lose.

Performance artist Dynasty Handbag:No more Mr. Nice Bag!

Eugene Hütz of Gogol Bordello: My New Year’s resolutions are way too extreme for a family-oriented publication!

Max Pask: Fuck those!

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