Noisepop One: ‘Dizzy with Your Disease’


SYNOPSIS: In which noisy, poppy loudness is played for your delectation and education. Some of the usual suspects are present, other selections are by acts not generally thought of as “noise,” but who’ve risen with grace and style to the occasion when necessary. As usual, your Uncle LD’s interest in things so-called industrial is to the fore, but not exclusively so. So no grousing about non-canonical inclusions like Cranes or newcomers the Bamboo Kids (whose really really dumb name and stupid-excellent cover of a famous rewrite of one of our favorite fake-punk songs ever assured them a place in our little black heart). And maybe next week we’ll play some Three Inch Nails or Black Rebel Clone Factory or something. But then again, maybe not.

And lest ye forget.


HB24 Playlist

Intro: “Nag Nag Nag” (edit) by Cabaret Voltaire,
from The Original Sound of Sheffield ’78/’82 (Mute, 2002)
Note the tacky Casio drumbeat!

Twenty Deadly Diseases” by Severed Heads,
from Come Visit the Big Bigot (Sevcom, 2006)
As good as 4WD. And louder! And more pop! Go visit their website now, and buy product.

Afterglow” by Loop,
from A Gilded Eternity (Beggars Banquet, 1999)
Oh, what an album. You’d think we’d get royalties for all the promotion we do for this classic, almost unknown album.

Canada” by Low,
from Trust (Kranky, 2002)
It’s always been about dynamics for these yankees. Here they’re mostly loud and gritty. But just wait til you kids hear their new album, due in spring.

Inside Sleeps” by Carla Bozulich,
from Evangelista (Constellation, 2006)
We worship her from afar. Probably not so far as she wishes.

Germ Ship” by Wire,
from Read & Burn 01 from (Pinkflag, 2002)
Aging punks or timeless weapons of art-brut perfection? This ep more than justifies their infrequent gigs and released. We worship them from afar.

You Trip Me Up” by the Jesus & Mary Chain,
from Psychocandy (Blanco y Negro, 1985)
We used to dance to this is a straight bar in Memphis, Tennessee when we were in finishing school. No, really.

Negativ Nein” by Einstürzende Neubauten,
from Kollaps (Zick Zack, 1981)
Always perfectly groomed, even when making noise that could have wrecked the health of a lesser man.

Jet Boy, Jet Girl” by the Bamboo Kids,
from This Ain’t No Revolution (2006)
Dennis Cooper says: ‘Young, trashed, wrong. My type.’

Two Yous” by Drop Quarters,
from Every Word: A Tribute to Let’s Active (Laughing Outlaw, 2003)
Your Uncle LD’s mothwranglering partner boldy displays his noisepop mastery on an excellent cover of a Mitch Easter tune. Shiny, fuzzy and delicious. A belated “happy birthday” to Mr X from his friends at the Treehouse.

Jewel” by Cranes,
from Cranes: EP Collection (Dedicated, 1991)
Super drum production, sultry feedback, spectral vocals… louder, pleaser!

Shoot Speed/Kill Light” by Primal Scream,
from Xtrmntr (Creation, 2000)
Title says it all. Not that we personally know any such thing.

Over & Out” by moth wranglers,
from Never Mind the Context (Magnetic, 2001)

Subhuman” by Throbbing Gristle,
from Mute: Tonal Evidence (Mute, 1991)
The story of one’s life (plus melodicas and germ warefare subtext).