Saddam Hussein Hanging: The Video Game?


Allow me to pool today from Lost Remote, who had some extensive coverage of network’s handling of the Saddam Hussein execution. Linking to the cellphone taping of the execution is always a controversial move, but the blog later did include an interesting debate (courtesy of the BBC) that discussed the broadcasting of the event. (Of course, there is now a current investigation underway to find the taunters and cell-phone recorders of the hanging.)

Perhaps just as tasteless as the cell-phone clip: the GSN videogame of Hangman Lost Remote found, complete with an animated Saddam. “In this game,” quoth the press release, “players will follow the traditional rules of ‘hangman’ by clicking on letters to see if they are a part of the missing word or phrase. As the real Hussein always does, the animated Saddam has a few choice words such as ‘Americans can’t spell’ or ‘I laugh at your letters.'”

UPDATE: GSN has chosen to pull the game from their website following Saddam’s execution, with a spokesman informing us, “GSN never intended for its game to coincide with an actual event. Based on the way things occurred in Iraq, we determined it was appropriate to remove the game from our site.”