Jump Onto the Tracks to Save a Stranger?


(Love the hat: Wesley Autrey, subway hero, via the New York Post)

So this construction worker, two young daughters at his side, walks into the 137th Street subway station yesterday. Wesley Autrey, the dad, sees this other guy having a seizure and joins a couple of women trying to help. The ailing man, Cameron Hollopeter, falls to the tracks seconds before the downtown local enters the station. From the New York Post:

“He landed between the tracks,” Autrey said. “Do I let the train run over this guy? I saw the ladies had my two daughters, so I hopped over on the tracks.”

Outcome: Autrey lived, albeit with a little train grease on his hat. Pressed by Autrey into the shallow space between the rails, Hollopeter lived. The kids say their father’s a hero. Question: Would you have jumped, too?

Subway Angel’s Daredevil Leap