Kill Your Television: ‘Dirt’


The Brunswick News

Let’s check up with our favorite Friend, Courtney Cox. Last night was the premiere of ‘Dirt’, Cox’s new show on the FX channel. Cox plays Lucy Spiller, a tabloid queen who helms two trash mags, Dirt and Now, and has no problems planting news when the scandal well runs dry.

Spiller’s character hews less to a real-life gossiping granny like Liz Smith; she’s more like Heidi Fleiss with a wealth of whoring paparazzi or Bonnie Fuller with a better wardrobe. On her off-time, she’s painted as a young woman who just wants an honest love, played by a clueless young rocker stud/bartender who is the one man in town who doesn’t know what a soulless harpie she really is. Spiller’s closest pal is a schizophrenic photographer named Don Konkey, who’s lax in taking his medication and thus viewers are treated to a series of “crazy camera” montages that are supposed to represent life through a real schizophrenic’s eyes but read more like the druggie scenes in the movie version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Bleah. Konkey and Spiller aim to undo the dreams of several young, vulnerable actors to make more fodder for their magazines, and they are winningly successful by episode one (what will they have left for episode two?). A young actress doing one line of coke overdoses about two TV minutes later; then there’s unwanted anal sex; a suicidal car crash; followed by a tearful hospital scene . . . and the longest hour I’ve had in a while.

Small surprise the reviewers have panned this one: Variety‘s Brian Lowry says it “yearns to be ‘Entourage’ with edge and settles for being a trashy version of ‘Just Shoot Me.'” And the Star-Ledger‘s Alan Sepinwall flatly states, “Much like Lucy, ‘Dirt’ creator Matthew Carnahan wants to combine glitz and trash, but what he winds up with is something that looks shiny but smells funny.”

Smells funny, and doesn’t even have the added visual of Drea de Matteo. I give it less time than Joey.