A Bahn Mi Resolution



Just this morning, Slobface (our beloved boyfriend) suggested we “do a cleanse” next week, making a yucky face and indicating his belly. “I’ve been full since Christmas,” he whined.

Are you aware that Ayurvedic mung bean cleanses are all the rage right now? They conclude with a grand finale of chugging castor oil. Tres chic, dear.

I pretended to give the idea consideration, but the only cleanse that came to mind was a bahn mi binge. In the last several years, the bahn mi’s popularity has exploded, and someone should really do an investigative report on the many spots around town. It would be impossible, or just insane, to get to them all, but we will be bringing recommendations (and possibly some warnings) in the coming weeks. To keep things simple, we’re sticking with the traditional sandwich—pate, pork roll, ham. No funny business.

Please write in and share your favorites.

We begin today. (We’re a go-getter.)


Next door to the Fung Wah bus station is a Vietnamese mini-mall of sorts called Nha Sach Khai Tri. Inside you can purchase a cell phone or some dvds, but the bahn mi counter is where it’s at.

This bahn mi costs $2.50, as it should, and is generously stuffed with the usual meaty fixins, mayonnaise (controversial, but we were pleased), and chili paste, then toasted, and finally force-fed pickled carrots, radish, cilantro, and cucumber.

The verdict: We will have trouble passing this spot from now on. The bread was slightly stale, but honestly, it worked despite that. Perhaps it even helped. No one likes a soggy bahn mi.