It’s a good one: Truffle Salt


Don’t get me wrong, I love flannel pajamas and I really love wool sweaters and new cereal bowls, but the only Christmas present I have subsequently dreamt about this year is the truffle salt my sister gave me.

It’s a blend of sea salt and black summer truffle specks, plus a little “truffle flavoring” for good measure. It comes from and you should order some right now ($22 for 3.5 oz) and sprinkle it onto mashed potatoes, poached eggs, grits, noodles, mushroom risotto, steak… for starters.

I have to admit I’ve been a tad irritated by the fancy salt thing—I appreciate good sea salt, but it doesn’t need to be gray or red or come in a jewelry box, and I am generally embarrassed by salt name-dropping. But perhaps I am mature enough to make some exceptions. Truffle salt is a good one.