R.I.P.: ‘The O.C.’


Goodbye, O.C. We loved thee once. The series that’s been hobbling toward its grave for the past season or so will finally call it quits on Feb. 22. O.C. creator Josh Schwartz talked with TV Guide yesterday to discuss what’s in store for the final month and a half left. Namely, “there’s going to be real closure to the characters” (yawn); there will be a pregnancy (?); and the ghost of Marissa Cooper will thankfully not be appearing to haunt a mentally-troubled Ryan (i.e., “There will be no Ryan doing pottery with “Unchained Melody” playing in the background and Marissa helping him.”) Excellent. Because that video vixen montage of Taylor as Tawny Kitaen was more than this viewer could take.

I always thought they jumped the shark way back with Marissa’s mom and boyfriend doing it, but since then, there’s been . . .

1. The Lesbian Kiss with a 40-year-old porn star! (Sorry, 18-year-old working at a bar?)

2. Rape-Not-Quite!

3. Cagefighting Ryan!

4. Hippie Summer!

5. Taylor as Tawny!