Jim Leff: ‘blogosphere loves conspiracy’


Today, Eater posted some threads that had been deleted by Chowhound from the discussion boards, and referred to the “Nazi-like censorship practices” of the moderaters. Eater also said: ” If anyone can come up with a good reason why a request for a good coffee shop should be removed, we’re all ears.”

Curious ourselves, we thought Jim Leff might be the person to ask, and here’s his response:

The poster requested replies via email, and our policy is that whereas email helps a chowhound, public discussion helps the whole pack. So we deleted, emailed the poster asking him to repost, and he did so here:

Sure, one might choose to assume it was removed because we’re crazed Nazi censors. 🙂 Most of Chowhound’s users judge the motives and competence of the gardeners by the generosity and usefulness of the garden. But the blogosphere loves conspiracy.

However, it long predates blogs. Since the dawn of the Internet, moderators (inevitably hard working good Samaritans) in just about every moderated forum have been branded Nazis by a paranoid few users. That element nonetheless keeps hanging around such discussion sites, because, shoot, who’d ever want to use unmoderated forums, which, like chat rooms, quickly degenerate from the flame wars, the off-topic dross, and the guerilla marketing?