The Many Ivankas Eye Has Known


Can Eye share with you for a second? Of the entire Trump brood, Ivanka has always scared Eye the most. Maybe because she’d heard rumors of her heinousness more than that of reportedly once-hesistant heir Donny Jr., or the young Trumpie who has yet to truly be unleashed upon the world, Eric.

This month there is TV Starlet Ivanka, as the judge replacing the blond ice queen Carolyn Kepcher. But it feels oddly like the world has already known so many Ivankas: Mannequin Ivanka, Daddy Wants to Date You Ivanka, Vice President of Real Estate Development Ivanka, Stuff Booberific Ivanka . . . and now Blogging Ivanka:

I’ve loved my experience working on The Apprentice. Of course, I enjoy building buildings more because that’s my main passion in life, but The Apprentice has really been an incredible experience. One reason I joined the show is because it’s an incredible tool to grow our brand. I’ve had a lot of fun working on the show, but ultimately my passion is the buildings.

Currently, I work alongside my dad in the Trump Organization and it’s amazing because for as long as I can remember this is what I’ve wanted to do. I grew up around real estate, my grandfather was in real estate, his father was in real estate, my father is in real estate . . .

[Via Wikipedia]