There’s a Jean Out There for Every Lesbian


So Friday I mentioned the TV clothing site SeenON! . . . I’ve also been reading a little here and there about the L Word‘s new line of promotional clothing , “L”ements of Style, timed with the airing of season 4, which premiered last night. The “modern clothes and accessories are inspired by the show,” the key word here being inspired, as the real characters seem to don more Chanel suits and APC blouses than Elvis-reminiscent, Swarovski-studded sweatshirt by Laura Dahl. Among the other designers is Honey L, who created four different jean designs based on different L Word characters:

The femmed-out “Dana”, a mere wisp of a jean!

The boy-cut “Shane”!

The “Bette”, a trouser that’s all business!

The “Kit” with a roomier stretch for the ladies!

A minimum of 10 percent goes to a breast cancer foundation, which if you can’t drum up at least a 20 percent donation is lame to even mention. Plus, these jeans cost around $200 each. Boo. Hopefully the new season isn’t as weak as this promotion.