Noisepop Two: ‘Death Queenie Death’


SYNOPSIS: Tunes new and old to break your heart (if you still have one of those deeply unfashionable organs) and burst your eardrums. More funny squiggles, grinding feedback and random bursts of weirdness, especially sinister and sexy at high volume. Some tracks will be familiar to music lovers of a certain age and persuasion, others might be “As fresh as,” as Eddie would say in his charmingly incomplete way. Anyhow, we know what he means.

NEXT WEEK: Populuxe!

HB25 Playlist

Intro: “8:15 to Nowhere” (edit) by Vicious Pink,
from 8:15 to Nowhere 12-inch single (Play It Again Sam, 1988)
Pack a lunch and strap yourselves in, kiddies. This was a favorite among certain defunct dancers from the dance we once knew, long ago and oh so far away

“The Flame” by Death by Doll,
from Gasoline (Emperor Penguin, 2006)
Simeon Low does a version of this as well, but it’s not so cracked as Dame Darcy’s.

“I Am the Sun” by Swans,
from The Great Annihilator (Invisible, 1995)
“Oh no you’re not!” said Little Nicola. But then again, maybe they were/are/whatever.

Map Ref 41N 93W” by My Bloody Valentine,
from Whore (WMO, 1996)
MBV does Wire. This one just escalates out of control, ever upward… We tried to do that a few times and it wasn’t very attractive.

“Untitled” by Yellow Swans,
from Bring the Neon War Home (Narnack, 2004)
Not the above with a perilous blood disorder, but sort of jaundiced nonetheless. But Gabe is so cute, so that’s okay.

“Lost My Sight” by Indian Jewelry,
from Invasive Exotics (Monitor, 2006)
Yesyesyes: even more of these kids, who really make loud really yummy again. We’re scared to see them live, because of course everyone knows how shy we are. Could get right out of hand quickquickquick. or slowslowslow…

“Queenie” by Ethyl Meatplow,
from Happy Days, Sweetheart (Chameleon, 1993)
Watch the video, then copy the costumes very faithfully for you next ‘casual Friday’ at the office… They do a bang-up job of “Close to You,” which you already know if you know such things.

“Machine Talk” by The Pulsars,
from The Pulsars (Almo, 1997)
Whatever happened to funny Dave T? For reasons we don’t care to specify, this makes us think of another David.

“Superstar” by Sonic Youth,
from If I Were a Carpenter (A&M, 1994)
Spastic Youth does the Carpenters. But it seems to be all about the viddy this week.

“Seagull” by Ride,
from Nowhere (Reprise/WEA, 1990)
Predictable, perhaps. But one of the canonical tunes, and an evergreen on the Victrola up here at the Treehouse.

“Violent Past” by Low,
from Drums and Guns (Sub Pop, 2007)
Oh, heavens. Brand new and twice as noisy as anything we’d hoped for from these, our favorite Duluthians. They just get weirder and more delectable as they go along, and we’re most pleased about that. Their wondrous new disc is out in March. You’ll be hearing a lot more of it here as the days pass, naturally.

“Boredom with God On Noise — Boretafari” by the Boredoms,
from Pop Tatari (Very Friendly, 2004)
It just wouldn’t be HB without folks speaking in tongues.

“We Love You” by the Psychedelic Furs,
from The Psychedelic Furs (Columbia, 1980)
As the saying goes: Oh well, yes, we do.