What up. This is All City.


This is what All City looks like after getting kicked out of the Greenpoint Tavern.
Face found by Jessie Pascoe outside the Front Room Gallery in Williamsburg.

First, a brief introduction. This here Web page is a weekday blog about NYC street culture. Street culture? We’re not sure what that means either, but it sounds more legit than saying this is a blog about ‘dope visual shit.’ So what you’ll find here, more or less, will be regular short features and updates on slickly designed objects, graf-inspired artists, designer-toy releases, wheatpasted posters, random stencils, street-art pranks, pictures of sassy girls rocking high-top Dunks, limited-edition commerce the New York Times Magazine categorizes as the ‘Brand Underground,’ and whatever stories we can dig up behind these many urban ciphers. We’ve heard some academic jerks describe this sort of realm as ‘contemporary visual culture,’ but we’re just gonna call it All City and see what happens.

Your primary guide here is the person named up there in the header who’s written about street art, kicks, and sneaker battles in her past life as a Masshole scribbler. Expect more interviews and photos than just brand hype and overblown (Best. Artist. Ever.) superlatives. Audience participation is highly encouraged. You know you want to.