Clothes Line: The Look of Global Warming



Clearly one of the most pressing concerns of climate change is how it will transform peoples’ closets. At least this is Threadster’s point of fixation, being a fashion blog and all. We took to the streets this past weekend, when the mercury hit 70, difficult style choices had to be made, and seasonal confusion set in.

In Brooklyn, we witnessed the “no white after Labor Day” rule thrown to the warm wind as a white knit dress was paraded down Bedford Avenue. Thankfully (for some), cut-off jeans were also thrown into the muddle—together with wool ponchos and fur-collared coats. It seems some had checked the forecast in advance, while unfortunate others dressed for “normal” January weather.

Over on the island of Manhattan, the t-shirt, in long and short forms, was really put to the test, paired with a wool scarf or under an opened fur coat. Nonetheless, Threadster found red-flamed “wooly-mammoth” snow boats and tundra-inspired jackets mingling in the same zip code as these warm weather inspirations. Unprecedented? Maybe. Seasonally confused? Definitely. Trend forecasters take note: This maybe the paradigm of many seasons to come.