Gertel’s: Don’t believe the hype?



Not long ago, we were all in a tizzy, rushing to Hester Street to gather what we thought—with a tear in our eye—could be our last batch of rugelach, our last black & white cookies. But despite the hype about the bakery’s allegedly looming closing, we’ve enjoyed our last rugelach a few times since then.

We got the owner, Abe Stern, on the phone today and here’s how it went:

We said: “we heard you were closing the retail store and doing just wholesale, out of Brooklyn.”

Stern said: “Yeah, I read that too. It’s not true. Nobody ever consulted me.”

Stern says the reports were all based on the fact that he sold the building. “From there, people assumed, but we’re still here and so far, I don’t have a plan to move, yet.”

When we pressed him about that dangling, threatening “yet,” he said “Life is full of surprises. You know, never say never.”


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53 Hester Street
(212) 982-3250


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 10, 2007

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