Greenmarket Report: The crunchy and the creamy


It’s hard to categorize the season New York is in these days. It feels like winter, but last week we saw bare knees. Maybe next week, we’ll have everyone over for a barbeque. The piles of watermelon radishes at the Greenmarket don’t shock us. Nothing can.

These beautiful round roots—heirlooms of the daikon—are officially spring radishes, but can be harvested year-round. They’re sweet and mellow, with a subtler spiciness than other radishes but, like any radish, can be eaten raw or cooked like turnips. If winter sticks around for a minute, try them in a braised dish, and if not, happy salad days.

The other addiction we recently developed thanks to Union Square is the goat milk ricotta from Lynnhaven. Really, any super-fresh ricotta would get us excited, but this one, from a goat who had volunteered her services just last night, really, um, got our goat (sorry). We’re smearing it on toast, blobbing it on top of pasta, and can’t wait strawberries to join the party. Who knows, maybe next week…