Bush Should Learn From TV Presidents?


Perhaps like Eye, you found Bush’s speech last night packed with the most wimpy, disgusting excuses for deploying more troops to Baghdad (i.e., we didn’t have enough before, troublemakers were always getting in our way, oops—the bad guys came back). It’s depressing to know that that even though Rummy’s down, his specter follows. Variety‘s Brian Lowry suggests a saving tactic, albeit a surprising one: A few months back he suggested a new sort of teacher for President Bush, the TV President. It’s a little dated, granted (Rumsfeld is gone), but still holds a few truths.

“TV’s chief executives buttress their credibility by bluntly admitting failure, even if it occasionally falls to a deputy (pity the poor head of scheduling) to do so. Fox’s Peter Liguori recently stated that the net’s fall shows simply weren’t good enough, and it’s hard to picture ABC’s Steve McPherson, NBC’s Kevin Reilly or CBS’ Nina Tassler trying to get away with a mealy-mouthed response like, “We’re not winning, we’re not losing,” which, given Bush’s past pronouncements, was enough of a concession to command headlines.”

Is it good or sad when things get to this point?